MESH Interactive’s Bill Schick Named One of City’s Rising Stars

January 14, 2014

Bill Schick Nashua 20/20

Website design firm principal Bill Schick named one of Nashua's visionaries.

A prestigious selection panel of Nashua community and business leaders has selected MESH Interactive Principal Bill Schick as one of the top 20 visionary leaders who are having an impact on the city.

Other visionaries named to the prestigious list include US Senator Kelly Ayotte, Lowell Spinners and Nashua Silver Knights President Tim Bawmann and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Director Sanders Burstein.

The Nashua 20/20 selection panel included Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau, Chamber President Chris Williams, United Way CEO Paul Hebert and other community and business leaders. The panel’s goal is to highlight leaders that will lead Nashua into the future.

You can read about Bill’s selection in the Nashua Telegraph article Nashua 20/20 Emerging: Bill Schick, making global marketing connections through home base in Nashua.

MESH Gives Metropolis Property Management a Leg Up on the Competition

October 1, 2013

Pay Online by Credit Card Feature Delights Tenants, Encourages Timely Payments

Today, we launched a good looking site for Metropolis Property Management. It’s a highly interactive site with an engaging property portfolio section that lets visitors tab through apartment amenities, floor plans and interior and exterior photos. The site also is fully search engine optimized and integrated with social media.

Metropolis Website

The Metropolis website provides a better, more efficient way to complete important tasks.

These are all important aspects, but what I would like to focus on today is how the site is a great example of what I call “building utility.”

Let me explain what I mean. Building utility is when a site goes beyond simply conveying information to visitors. It provides a better, more efficient way to complete important tasks. Sometimes it involves improving inefficient offline tasks by bringing them online, thereby making them faster, easier, smarter and maybe even more fun.

Metropolis has managed properties in the New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts area for over 35 years. During that time, the property management firm has learned a thing or two about serving their customers.

They have built a reputation for excellence by providing property owners with a full range of superior services, everything from real estate development and construction management to finance and property management. Over 600 residential apartment units throughout greater Manchester and New Hampshire are currently under Metropolis management.

Keeping Residents Happy

Pleasing residents is an important goal of a property management firm. A happy resident is less likely to move. One feature of the Metropolis website that residents really like is the ability to easily and securely pay rent online with a credit card. This is not an earth shattering new capability, but it really does make life a lot easier for the user. It saves time by eliminating all the drudgery of having to make payments offline.

Apartment complex owners like it, too. People are a lot less likely to be late on their rent if they can easily pay online. Plus, prospective residents can see that this option is available when they visit the site.

I encourage you to think about ways that you can build utility into your site. Nearly everyone likes it when things are faster, easier, smarter and more fun. Building in utility is a great way to forge close relationships with your prospects and customers, and keeping your customers close is a great way to keep them coming back for more.

Nashua Dares To Begin

September 27, 2013

New Tag Line, Logo and Websites Communicate City’s Vitality 
to Individuals, Families, Tourists and Businesses

City of Nashua - Dare to BeginEarlier in the week, the City of Nashua held a very successful event to introduce its new “Dare to Begin” branding initiative to a group of enthusiastic residents and community advocates.

In yesterday’s article about the event, The Nashua Telegraph described the initiative as being “designed to blaze innovative new trails into Nashua’s future.”

We couldn’t agree more. The MESH team is honored to be able to say that it played a strategic role in the initiative, which conveys Nashua’s qualities as an ideal destination for individuals, families, tourists and businesses to live, work and play. continue reading this post

A Small Business Blog of Your Own

April 24, 2013

Forward thinking small businesses are an important part of our client base at MESH. As you might expect, small business people have very different marketing requirements than larger organizations. That’s why last September we created the MESH LiveBuild lead generation and marketing Website platform. It’s designed specifically to address the specific needs of small businesses.

Now, as a logical extension of the MESH LiveBuild product, we’ve launched the MESH LiveBuild Blog, an online forum where the MESH team will introduce lead generation, marketing, and website design and development topics that are important to small businesses. Early topics covered include 10 questions to ask about getting found on Google local business search , using a small business mobile website to find more customers, and If an “Easy Website” Doesn’t have these Features, It’s Not Easy.

If you’re a small business person, why not check out the blog at

Build Real Engagement By Turning Your Community Into Content Creators in 5 Easy Steps

February 27, 2013

Every day I talk to folks in every realm of marketing: traditional, social media, and everything in between. Everyone has their take on how to use social media to get new business, but one question that almost always comes up, is “how do I get people to engage with my brand on Facebook, after the initial ‘Like’?“ continue reading this post

Leadership Greater Nashua Class of 2012 and MESH Interactive Partner for a Cause

October 22, 2012

Leadership Greater Nashua, Class of 2012 and MESH Interactive Agency announce partnership to benefit the Nashua Legacy Playground Community Project. Leadership Greater Nashua’s (LGN) project is the construction of a universally accessible playground to be built next year. The universally accessible playground will offer children and adults of all abilities a place to play and develop. The LGN class has begun fundraising events throughout the community to support the project in reaching its goal of $250,000. continue reading this post

MESH Announces Lead Gen and Marketing Platform to Address Small Business Needs

September 26, 2012

LiveBuild Empowers Small Businesses to Generate High-Quality Sales Leads with Marketing-Driven Landing Pages, Social Media Integration and Search Engine Optimization

MESH Interactive Agency, a full-service inbound marketing and creative agency specializing in multi-channel branding, web development and integrated social media engagement solutions, today announced MESH LiveBuild–a powerful integrated lead generation and marketing platform designed to help small business achieve sales and marketing success with little time and investment.

LiveBuild is built leveraging the most current cutting-edge technologies to minimize the learning curve and maximize marketing ROI. Small businesses can get a branded online presence and start generating new leads within 10 business days.

“After nearly a decade of working with businesses to address B2B and B2C challenges via the Web, the team at MESH Interactive Agency has developed a solution to empower small businesses with a professional branded online and mobile presence they need–and deserve–to gain a competitive edge. LiveBuild makes it simple for small business marketers to engage customers with the right content, at the right time and in the right format,” said Bill Schick, principal, MESH Interactive Agency. “My team has delivered above and beyond by developing the most gorgeous and elegant mobile site you can get on the market. Branding is carried throughout the mobile design unlike most mobile sites you view. Our cutting-edge proprietary full site navigation system offers a unique, well-thought-out design delivering a positive user experience every time.”

LiveBuild is built to deeply integrate within marketing programs, empowering small businesses to leverage each online channel–Email, Social Media, SEO, Mobile…to facilitate superior engagement, driving high-quality leads resulting in measurable revenue.

Built-in, easy-to-understand analytics provide on demand access to insights to validate site traffic, user behavior on site, referring sites, top searched keywords, measure site performance, track marketing campaigns, and more.

“MESH LiveBuild is a cost effective way to build a powerful website quickly and easily for the healthcare sector. It is user friendly, enabling anyone to edit and expand the LiveBuild site with ease,” said Jonathan Burroughs, president and CEO, Burroughs Healthcare Consulting Network.

MESH LiveBuild will change the way small businesses currently market themselves. With LiveBuild’s powerful marketing tools, gorgeous web and mobile site and robust built-in analytics businesses now have the control to optimize customer engagement.

  • Generate High-Quality Sales Leads with Marketing-Driven Landing Pages, Social Media and SEO
  • Grow Your Business with Scalable, Easy-to-Manage Web and Mobile Sites
  • Track it all with Powerful Integrated Analytics
  • All with a Dedicated Graphic Designer, SEO Expert and Project Manager

MESH LiveBuild is extremely user-friendly and provides me with the access I need to update our website at any time,” said Alyssa DellaCamera, internet marketing specialist, Eaton & Berube for  Knapton, Reade & Woods Insurance. “I would highly recommend it to small businesses looking to create a simple yet professional website that is easy for both you and your customers to use.”

Learn how you can start generating measurable, high-quality sales leads with MESH LiveBuild at

MESH Interactive Agency Announces Opening of New York City Office

March 5, 2012

MESH Interactive Agency, a full-service inbound marketing and creative agency specializing in multi-channel branding, web development and integrated social media engagement solutions, announced today it has opened an office in the heart of New York City to expand its national presence.

“MESH has experienced rapid growth, nearly doubling in size almost every year since it was founded in 2006. We are incredibly excited to announce the opening of our New York City office, this was a big next step for our boutique agency. As a digital media mecca and hub for innovation, New York City provides us access to a wealth of resources, talent, as well as a gateway to new opportunities with global brands,” said Bill Schick, founder and principal, MESH Interactive Agency.

The New York City office is located within two blocks of Times Square at 19 West 44th Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10036–an upscale area know for its private college clubs. Operations will be handled through MESH’s Boston-area headquarters in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Integrated Facebook Microsites: Take Your Engagement Beyond the Facebook Wall

February 27, 2012

There has been greater emphasis on getting your customers and prospective customers to Like your Facebook page these days…BUT once they’ve Liked you now what do you do? How do you build a thriving community, gain brand loyalty and keep your customers coming back?

MESH’s founder Bill Schick sits down with The Pulse Network’s Tyler Pyburn to talk about how MESH is helping businesses take their marketing beyond the Facebook wall with Integrated Facebook Microsites.

Granite Healthcare Network Selects MESH to Support its Brand Awareness 
and Online Needs

February 24, 2012

Granite Healthcare Network Joins Other Healthcare Providers, Medical Device Firms 
in Better Reaching its Communities

Granite Healthcare Network, a joint venture made up of Concord Hospital, Elliot Hospital, LRGHealthcare, Southern New Hampshire Health System and Wentworth-Douglass Hospital recently retained MESH Interactive Agency, a full-service integrated marketing and creative agency, to design and develop a scalable, content-managed website that positions Granite Healthcare Network to share its innovative approach to healthcare and the improvements being made that will directly impact the quality, cost-effectiveness and accessibility of healthcare for the people of New Hampshire. continue reading this post