Insight – It’s the Content Marketer’s Dark Horse

There, I said it. Insight is the dark horse of your content marketing strategy—and all your efforts. Why? A dark horse, as defined by Google, is “a candidate or competitor about whom little is known but who unexpectedly wins or succeeds.” And this, my friend, is the reality staring back at you from your retina display: little is known about what insights truly are, yet they are the key to your content marketing success. How and why are they important? Insights, by definition, are the deep understandings, discovering and realizations that transform the way we serve our customers, how we
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Winning Digital Marketing for SaaS Startups in 2016

It’s a whole wide world out there in digital marketing for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Startups. The abundance of data, technology and tools makes solutions that were unthinkable yesterday, today’s reality. But how do you get doctors who aren’t on social media to learn about your product (or even care)? How do you get quality control professionals across the globe to move from pen and paper to cloud and tablet? How do you get a fragmented c-suite audience to make the shift from disparate and costly office tools to a single, cloud-based solution? Over the last few years our digital marketing agency
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2015 Content Marketing Statistics — With an Interactive Spin and A Few Other Examples

I recently read a post by on how content marketing is dead. Now to be fair they weren’t really saying that content marketing is dead—the point that they were making is the fact that everyone and their mother is doing content marketing and what really stands out—and is more effective in 2015—is interactive content marketing.  It’s interesting to me because it really highlighted something that we’ve been helping our clients solve for over the last 10 years, and that’s the question: how do you make your content and marketing programs stand out from all the other events, distractions, blogs
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Part 1: How to Put the Top 18 2015 B2B Content Marketing Trends to Work for You Before Year End

Earlier this year, we compiled our gargantuan list of 2015 digital marketing predictions and trends as published by leaders in the industry. These included Vloggers and Gamification, to Augmented Reality and whether or not Businesses were questioning the benefits of Facebook. And while this periodic table covered digital marketing predictions, we realized that the common thread that tied the most successful trends together was content marketing. This drove us to capture some of the best practices in content marketing and compile a list of 2015 content marketing statistics. We’ve taken a look at what we’ve seen, and 18 content marketing trends
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7 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working and How to Turn it Around

120 Years since John Deer first published The Furrow, it’s well established that effective content marketing methodologies work. There are plenty of posts out there about content marketing that focus on the appropriate approach (at a high level), but don’t dig into specifics on what works or what doesn’t. This week, I’ll take a look at what content marketing methodologies you should be considering, what your marketing stack looks like, and where your content marketing programs might fail. Like anything else, content marketing has some fairly universally accepted methodologies. While there are no guarantees in content marketing, if you aren’t incorporating
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2015 Periodic Table of Digital Marketing Predictions and Trends

As a marketer, you’ve experienced the influx of marketing predictions and forecasted trends that are out there. But how difficult has it been to stay on top of all the emails, blogs and reports and still get your day-to-day responsibilities accomplished? Exactly. It is nearly impossible to stay ahead of all of the information, not to mention make sense of it all so you can do something smart with it. That’s why the team here at MESH took January to do our research and aggregate all of the data to create this easy-to-digest periodic table of digital marketing predictions and
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Infographic: Tomorrow’s Business Needs These 4 Elements to “Win”

MESH SAAS infographiContinuing the theme of publishing an infographic for some of our more data driven posts, we are following up our article on the Secret to Tomorrow’s Business is SAAS: Speed, Agility, Authority, and Sharing. While speed and agility can often trump size, cooperation can certainly best control. This infographic answers the questions:

  1. What are the components of a successful digital strategy?
  2. What will a 10% increase in data accessibility translate into for sales for a Fortune 1,000 company?
  3. What kind of ROI do marketers see from tracking real-time marketing.

We answer these questions and more here. Check it out, share it, and let us know what you think!

How The C-Suite Can Leverage Big Data to Create More Customer-Centric Businesses

Almost everywhere we go and in almost everything we do, we leave a trail of data. Every single one of our daily transactions that involves electronics in any form (and many that don’t) registers in a data set somewhere.  To a savvy business person, this data, this Big Data, can be a gold mine. Never in the history of the world has there been more stored information about what people do and what people want than there is right now. If knowledge is power, then we are truly in a golden age. According to IBM, the well of data grows
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The Secret to Tomorrow’s Business is SAAS (and not how you might think): Speed, Agility, Authority, Sharing

New technologies are changing the ways in which we do almost everything in business: HR is learning to manage an extended workforce with ever-increasing customization; customer relationships and customer experiences are being personalized and scrutinized like never before; refashioned supply chains have removed much of the divide between distributors, manufacturers, suppliers and consumers. Each of these changes brings with it new demands and expectations, which have driven enormous evolution in the tools businesses use to communicate with and market to each other. It’s also driven fragmentation and stress in the C-suite—forcing companies to think about (or rethink) their digital strategy.
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Infographic: 15 Facts Every Manager Should Know About Big Data

MESH BigData InfographicFollowing up on our last infographic about who’s managing big data in your organization, we decided to step back and pull together some great data on—well—big data. In addition to defining big data, we’ve pulled together some great statistics and facts that will help provide you with some ammunition in your current, ongoing internal (or external) conversations about leveraging big data to help make your business more customer centric and digital.

Infographic: Who is Helping Your Business Leverage Big Data to Become Customer Centric

Infographic on Chief Digital Officer (CDO)As technology moves, and players like Google release tools like Flume, MillWheel, Google Cloud Dataflow, Big Data is no longer just a buzzword, but a critical tool for all aspects of agile business. No longer can you afford to let the flow of Big Data pass you by; your business needs to tap into this resource to live. But who manages Big Data? Who uses it to make actionable change in your organization? The following infographic might help you understand if your business is in need of a Chief Digital Officer.