How You Can Save Time With Content Marketing in 2016

It’s the time of year again. Thanksgiving is a few weeks away; Christmas junk litters our stores, inboxes, and main street; and B2C marketers are blitzing to drive retail sales in the next 7 weeks. But what about those of us who focus on B2B marketing? If you’re like most content marketers, you’ve spent the last two or three years chugging along with your company’s marketing program. You’ve got a strategy in place and have been steadily blogging 2, maybe 3 times a week. You’ve had decent (but not mind-blowing success growing your email list), and even passed along a
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24 Content Marketing Best Practices to Promote Your Killer Business App (and a few tools to help you do it)

While there is nothing terribly complicated about developing a content marketing plan for your app, getting all the right pieces done right—and at the right time—can actually be a lot to manage. But it’s worth it. Consider these stats: Revenue from apps in the US will soar to $76.5 BILLION in 2017 90% of American adults own a cell phone 29% of cell owners describe their cell phone as “something they can’t imagine living without.” With these kinds of numbers, it’s no wonder you’ve considered developing a game-changing business app. But how do you market it? That’s a question I
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13 Reasons Why Your Sales and Marketing Teams Need Adaptive Buyer Personas to Develop Qualified Leads

One thing I’ve learned in the twenty or so years I’ve been involved with marketing and sales teams is that there’s one area that’s always been a challenge: understanding who your customer is and why they buy your product or service. Whether its been with an international consulting firm, major medical device company, the next cool app startup, or a funded SAAS provider, everyone struggles with customer insights, and aligning sales and marketing. We may not have called them buyer personas twenty years ago, but the idea of interviewing your ideal customers about how and why they buy has been
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4 Free Tools to Help Your Marketing Campaigns Maximize Hashtags

Ah, the hashtag. Though Twitter pioneered the movement, no post on any social media site is complete without at least one or two hashtags. We see them day-in and day-out on our own accounts, but why are they important to you and marketing your business? Think about it this way – you have the power to hashtag anyone and anything. Consumers hashtag celebrities, brands, television shows, etc. However, B2B relations are where things get interesting. Businesses can create customized hashtags for their brand or specific campaigns – these allow for simple navigation through related posts and keeps users’ interests continuous. Brand recognition can grow exponentially by choosing unique, consistent and
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Marketing, Minions and Mayhem

I’ve got three things on tap for you today; my (very brief) background, why I’m here and why you want to keep hearing from me. My name is Morganne and I’m the ultimate Marketing Minion at MESH. I’m 22, navigating my way through my senior year at SNHU with a major in Marketing and minor in Fashion Merchandising Management. I hail from one of the smallest towns in NH (teetering on the map edge, quite frankly) and am ridiculously overjoyed by anything related to animals or minions. Also, sunshine. Still with me? If so, this is why I’m here – it was
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MESH Interactive’s Bill Schick Named One of City’s Rising Stars

Bill Schick Nashua 20/20

Website design firm principal Bill Schick named one of Nashua’s visionaries.

A prestigious selection panel of Nashua community and business leaders has selected MESH Interactive Principal Bill Schick as one of the top 20 visionary leaders who are having an impact on the city.

Other visionaries named to the prestigious list include US Senator Kelly Ayotte, Lowell Spinners and Nashua Silver Knights President Tim Bawmann and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Director Sanders Burstein. Read More