Don’t sacrifice your brand when optimizing your site for SEO results

Search engines have changed over the years as more individuals are using them to find products and services companies offer.  Whether you have already begun, or are just getting started in the SEO process, your site is ranking based on basic keywords in your site’s content.  Achieving top search engine rankings has become top priority for marketers as competition has intensified.

If you’re a marketer then you probably already know that SEO plays a viable role in online marketing. Keywords are the foundation of this strategy. Just like you would create a traditional print ad, comprising of brand and messaging, your website should be optimized with keyword-rich content. Oh, and don’t forget your brand, you would be surprised how many companies fail to include their brand when developing a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.
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3 Changes to Your Website That Can Make You and Google BFFs

two kittens bffs

With stories in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal exposing major corporate efforts to manipulate Google’s search engine rankings, you may be thinking that search engine optimization is something of a cat and mouse game where only the large and powerful can be victorious. The great news is that, in fact, it’s not. Yes, Google’s algorithm is forever changing, and SEO is usually left up to the experts, but there are a number of measures that every organization can take to make their website a lean, mean, search ranking machine.
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