When Should I Start a Content Marketing Program for My Technology Company?

I recently had a conversation with the founder of a technology company (fill in industry here—I’ve actually had this exact conversation—literally—with 7 different technology companies in the last 5 weeks). They were referred to us by a mutual connection based on their need (increase in qualified sales leads), and what we provide to technology clients (more, and better nurtured sales leads). They wanted to talk to us about marketing their company. Tell me if this sounds familiar: “We’ve never engaged with a content marketing agency before—we haven’t had to. We’ve grown our business to $X Million in revenues through word-of-mouth
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Marketing Minions (and How It Was Done Right)

The Minions movie premieres this week – July 10th, to be exact. If you haven’t seen the minion-ized Amazon boxes delivered to your doorstep, then you must have at least seen the yellow trouble-makers hanging out in your local movie theater’s lobby. Maybe you’ve passed “#BEEDO” in a caption on your Insta-feed, and through all of this, you may have asked yourself why you’re seeing minion everything, everywhere. Sure, they have a movie premiering, but why has positive minion-reinforcement been the right way to promote their feature film? Trust me when I tell you, we’ll get to that – this is, after all, a marketing blog.
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2 Ways Microtargeting Buyer Personas Will Help Your Paid Advertising Campaign Improve Your Bottom Line

People always want to know the secret to crafting an amazingly successful advertising campaign. Is it choosing the product that is most ad-friendly? Is it placing ads in high-traffic locations or oft-used social channels? Is it amazing creative components? It’s all important, but the true secret might seem a little mundane… at first. Your campaign can practically build itself. We all struggle with developing that next winning campaign—who doesn’t? And why is that? Often, while we have a high-level idea of who we’re marketing to, it’s not really the microscopic, detailed view that’s needed to target today’s distracted consumer. Taking the distraction factor
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13 Reasons Why Your Sales and Marketing Teams Need Adaptive Buyer Personas to Develop Qualified Leads

One thing I’ve learned in the twenty or so years I’ve been involved with marketing and sales teams is that there’s one area that’s always been a challenge: understanding who your customer is and why they buy your product or service. Whether its been with an international consulting firm, major medical device company, the next cool app startup, or a funded SAAS provider, everyone struggles with customer insights, and aligning sales and marketing. We may not have called them buyer personas twenty years ago, but the idea of interviewing your ideal customers about how and why they buy has been
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4 Free Tools to Help Your Marketing Campaigns Maximize Hashtags

Ah, the hashtag. Though Twitter pioneered the movement, no post on any social media site is complete without at least one or two hashtags. We see them day-in and day-out on our own accounts, but why are they important to you and marketing your business? Think about it this way – you have the power to hashtag anyone and anything. Consumers hashtag celebrities, brands, television shows, etc. However, B2B relations are where things get interesting. Businesses can create customized hashtags for their brand or specific campaigns – these allow for simple navigation through related posts and keeps users’ interests continuous. Brand recognition can grow exponentially by choosing unique, consistent and
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9 Things Buyer Personas Can Do for Sales and Marketing in 2015

True story: we were sitting around the table with a client a few months back talking about a few new blog post ideas. We’d been hired to replace an underperforming marketing agency a few weeks before, and were looking for some simple customer-related background information to start crafting new content. The client was an international technology company that had been struggling with sales in the US, and their content marketing efforts over the previous 2 years had been robust, but netted little in the way of results. Yes, some of the content had resulted in traffic, but few of those
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Marketing, Minions and Mayhem

I’ve got three things on tap for you today; my (very brief) background, why I’m here and why you want to keep hearing from me. My name is Morganne and I’m the ultimate Marketing Minion at MESH. I’m 22, navigating my way through my senior year at SNHU with a major in Marketing and minor in Fashion Merchandising Management. I hail from one of the smallest towns in NH (teetering on the map edge, quite frankly) and am ridiculously overjoyed by anything related to animals or minions. Also, sunshine. Still with me? If so, this is why I’m here – it was
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Retargeting Is Critical to Your B2B Content Marketing Program

This blog is part of an ongoing series as part of our 2015 Periodic Table of Marketing Trends and Predictions. Disclaimer about Retargeting. In all reality, retargeting drives me a little nuts. Like any paid advertising, it’s invasive. I get that, and appreciate it. It’s a necessary, yet useful, tool. What really bugs me about retargeting is its ability to “stalk” you all around the ‘net, adding a certain level of creepy to it. Seeing an empty pair of Express Jeans following me around Facebook—and other sites—frankly reminds me of a Dr. Seuss story I read to my three year
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Interactive Periodic Table of 2015 Marketing Trends and Predictions

Phew. Well that’s done. 2 months of research, design, development, creative, marketing, copywriting, fact-checking, hand-wringing, alcohol and it’s finally live. We’re going to go downstairs and have a margarita (or 8) to celebrate now. But before we do, I want to take a moment to explain what this is, why we built it, and what it hopefully means to some of us in the digital marketing community. First, what is it? What we hope we’ve created is a resource for marketers that pulls some hot 2015 marketing trends and predictions from leading experts into one gorgeous graphic dashboard for desktop and
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Squeeze More Juice Out of SEO as its Position in Your Digital Marketing Toolkit Changes in 2015

According to a poll conducted by Smart Insights only 4.3% of digital marketers polled named SEO as the most commercially important digital marketing trend in 2015. Why would we include it? That 4.3% doesn’t include how many people see it as the 2nd or 3rd most important trend. We all know that ranking in search is important, and the more relevant our content is to the person searching, the better chance we have of developing a sales lead. But what worked a year or two ago, doesn’t—or it’s less effective today. Don’t just take my word for it. SEO is definitely
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4 Tips for Leveraging the “New” Real-Time Marketing

Social media has quickly become the first place people turn for quick news updates – whether it is weather, sports, or entertainment related, you’re hitting your social media feeds. Today, that’s the norm – if you want breaking news, chances are that you’ll find it on social media versus traditional news channels. This is where real-time marketing comes in. Real-time marketing, as defined by marketing expert Ekaterina Walter, is “about raising awareness, creating demand and furthering the brand’s mission through connecting with customers in a meaningful way, in the right place, at the right time, through relevant content.” In 2013,
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2015 Periodic Table of Digital Marketing Predictions and Trends

As a marketer, you’ve experienced the influx of marketing predictions and forecasted trends that are out there. But how difficult has it been to stay on top of all the emails, blogs and reports and still get your day-to-day responsibilities accomplished? Exactly. It is nearly impossible to stay ahead of all of the information, not to mention make sense of it all so you can do something smart with it. That’s why the team here at MESH took January to do our research and aggregate all of the data to create this easy-to-digest periodic table of digital marketing predictions and
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You’ve Decided To Pull The Trigger and Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Your company recently decided to engage a digital marketing agency to help with your marketing strategy. This is a big decision and one that we believe highlights your organization’s readiness to invest in the future. How do you get started? Every agency has its strengths and weaknesses, just as any marketing candidate does, and you should identify early on what criteria is most important to your team (and stakeholders) to ensure you hire an agency that makes for a collaborative and successful partner. So, let us take off our agency hat for a moment and spend some time in your
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Your 2015 Marketing Strategy, Courtesy of Bill Belichick

While the NFL still tries to wrap its head around the genius Patriots formation that no one has seen before, we wonder if there are valuable lessons for marketers here. What Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots did on Saturday has been called deceitful by some and smart by others. If you ask Tom Brady, you’ll hear: “Maybe those guys gotta study the rulebook and figure it out.” The question is: Are there takeaways for today’s leading marketers? Is it time to get more imaginative with your marketing playbook? With the ushering in of a new year (hello 2015)
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Infographic: Tomorrow’s Business Needs These 4 Elements to “Win”

MESH SAAS infographiContinuing the theme of publishing an infographic for some of our more data driven posts, we are following up our article on the Secret to Tomorrow’s Business is SAAS: Speed, Agility, Authority, and Sharing. While speed and agility can often trump size, cooperation can certainly best control. This infographic answers the questions:

  1. What are the components of a successful digital strategy?
  2. What will a 10% increase in data accessibility translate into for sales for a Fortune 1,000 company?
  3. What kind of ROI do marketers see from tracking real-time marketing.

We answer these questions and more here. Check it out, share it, and let us know what you think!