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#330: Make Email Preferences More Accessible

“Often times, a subscriber would be happy to continue receiving emails if only they could receive messages less often or on different topics. Many opt-out processes are now managed in preference centers, but as more subscribers rely on ISP-provided opt-out methods, marketers can’t use their preference centers as a last resort anymore.”


Last year, Gmail launched a new “block” function to all Gmail webmail and Android app users, which gives users more control over how they manage their inbox. While it’s great for users, it also means a lower threshold for ISP intervention. To help eliminate the threat of permanently losing subscribers, make your email preference settings easy to locate, change and customize so readers can receive what they want without hassle.

Bill Schick

As Founder and Chief Digital Officer, Bill brings insatiable curiosity, classic style, a love of loud guitars, and deep affection for his Maine Coon to our team.