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Section 6: List Management

“I haven’t got the slightest idea how to change people, but still I keep a long list of prospective candidates just in case I should ever figure it out.” — David Sedaris

We like to believe that we’re rationale, thoughtful beings. That we make decisions based on cold, calculated judgement. Fifteen minutes with any book or expert on influence tells you that just isn’t the case. Ultimately, we’re driven by emotion—even in the B2B sale—which is why there are typically 3 or 4 decision makers in the process. Given this, it’s important to understand all of the buyers in your sales cycle, and segment your marketing (including your email list), to address their specific—and often emotionally driven—needs. When you speak to your audience’s individual and personal needs, you have the chance to influence and change their view of the world. —B

Bill Schick

As Founder and Chief Digital Officer, Bill brings insatiable curiosity, classic style, a love of loud guitars, and deep affection for his Maine Coon to our team.