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The End

“I find it ironic that happy endings now are called fairytale endings because there’s nothing happy about most fairytale endings.” — Joe Wright

Being a dad with three kids, I’m hip deep in books that finish with “the end,” so I felt it fitting to wrap this eBook with a nod to those. Fortunately for me (and hopefully you), this isn’t the end for us. This eBook represents not completion, but a certain milestone of achievement, and we’re just part way through a year-long labor of love. We have a host of decks, pins, tweets, maybe a video, and a few blog posts to follow. We hope that you’ll stay with us, contribute to the conversation, and share your thoughts and ideas as we take this journey. And perhaps some day we’ll even have our own fairytale ending—and a happy one…


Bill Schick

As Founder and Chief Digital Officer, Bill brings insatiable curiosity, classic style, a love of loud guitars, and deep affection for his Maine Coon to our team.